Exercise to lose weight.

For girls or boys who want to lose weight and reduce belly fat reduction model. Or cellulite safely. Exercise is a way to help you burn fat. Add muscle. Keep the body healthy. And healthy. The shapely. Fit & Firm. With the following exercise.

For girls or boys who want to lose weight and reduce belly fat reduction model. Or cellulite safely. Exercise is a way to help you burn fat. Add muscle. Keep the body healthy. And healthy. The shapely. Fit & Firm. With the following exercise.

Which is ...

Should choose to use a continuous motion, such as a jogging and riding bikes, sitting at the pool.
Dance aerobic exercise such as yoga, Tai Chi Chuan training is considered to be appropriate for him. And taking into account the safety and convenience.
The difficulty with. And avoid physical activities that impact the timing or direction of movement.
Fast, which can affect the knee and ankle injury.

How long ...

For those who are not familiar with the exercise. The exercise should take about 5-10 minutes long.
2-3 times a day with a good physical fitness. Is the time to exercise more, respectively.Until it can be.
Exercise continuously for 30-45 minutes or longer, about 4-6 times a week. I was ...

The intensity of exercise should be to suit the individual. The calculation of the maximum sample rate of the pulse beats.
Mr. Age 40 years to exercise that degree of weight, 60-70% of the maximum pulse rate should be a g.
It is at the heart beats per minute. Are calculated as follows.

Brand pulse beats most of the g = 220 - Age was g
= 220 -40 = 180 beats per minute.
Exercise with an intensity 60% = 180 x 0.60 = 108 beats per minute.
Exercise with an intensity 70% = 180 x 0.70 = 126 beats per minute.
The exercise of the g should be tired at the heart beats 108-126 times a minute, which is hard.
At 60 - 70% of the maximum pulse rate of the g fat by the body to pull out the power of movement.
The exercise.

How often do I ...

Aerobic exercise. Or oxygen into energy. Whether walking, running, cycling or aerobic dancing, etc..
It can, and often much longer. It helps burn fat and lose more body only, however, should stay.
Or exercise for at least one time per week and exercise regularly. Or at least 3 times a week.

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