Exercise for a good morning or evening?

I read your article. Professor Emeritus Dr. Song Aksara my luck, the director of the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine. The Red Cross sent him to the conclusion that a better evening than the morning to see what to do .... I want to ask you a morning or evening? Read this article, you submit it.

I read your article. Professor Emeritus Dr. Song Aksara my luck, the director of the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine. The Red Cross sent him to the conclusion that a better evening than the morning to see what to do .... I want to ask you a morning or evening? Read this article, you submit it.

Tell your doctor the full scale like this ...

Suppose that a car. Our engine is muscular arms and legs to make the wrong move.Car needs oil to keep the engine running. We would like to move food into energy the body knows what might happen. By exercise.

Wake up in the car and body. No oil, no fuel needed to power it. Or eat it. Car will not have the energy to run. We will have more energy to muscles, arms, legs, allow us to be wrong.

Car with the body. That the fuel tank is full. You can drive right away. But we are full after eating to exercise is not good. I eat 2 hours after the blood meal is digested to receive a large number of gastroenteritis after food is absorbed into the blood. Food distribution will take blood to the organs of the body if the body was now running like a dog that needs blood to the legs that ran 20 times the normal. When the blood in the stomach a lot. With a dog leg and 20 times that not enough blood to the brain may cause dizziness or fainting. If it is not enough blood to the heart muscle. Myocardial ischemia as a cause of acute myocardial infarction, life is not absolute. Do not exercise after eating a meal 2 hours on me. Then absorbed into the blood (2 h), blood was waiting at the stomach, they spread out. Now it's safe to run.

Now I wake up in the morning and then come out. The morning air pollution, it is also refreshing because it's cold body to stay the night. But I eat before I exercise. The car does not have fuel to run the car. But the exercise without eating. The evening meal is going to sleep. Do not use power while sleeping. The liver changes in nutrients such as glucose into glycogen. Within months, RICE. Fat is fat. A protein phosphatase, etc. Jane then stored in various organs, there is no energy left over when you wake up in the blood as the vehicle fuel tank dry. This condition the liver has to pull out the nutrients to keep it in a different part of the energy back to sleep in the blood. I can not think of a lot of hard work to lay the liver. To remove nutrients to the store. Waking in the morning to exercise it. Liver the nutrients it needs to keep on doing this out of the new liver will often have to work hard every day just. This condition will not be long. I do not stay. People drink and eat. Liver to extract nutrients from a variety of alcohol in the body very long in the liver into a fat The liver.

Now, if I eat it right before I have to wait up to two hours to get a hit, such as eating five to seven o'clock in the morning to exercise. I have done this, so here we have a morning walk to hear the morning jogging it is a light, such as walking before I eat light meals such as sandwiches, a piece of the Central and Latin. 1 cup of the digestion takes up 1/2 - 1 hour is enough to get a workout. Eat a little light exercise, it uses less power. I just know that this is enough.

Consider it an evening. We eat breakfast, lunch, evening that the energy to spare. We used to work out. To exercise it. As a vehicle fuel tank dry. It may be added to foods like the morning after a little. Prior to exercise. Will not feel tired. In fact, I do not have anything important on the evening after work. To drink water, drink slowly and feel full. Back home, you will not feel hungry and not eat anything else. This evening and after exercise. When it's time to sleep. The rest of the food. The liver is not working. Food is not stored anywhere, so it does not cause obesity. Residual blood and nutrients, especially fats. It is a way to reduce fat in the blood without drugs.

If you consider this. Morning exercise. The evening will be a generally good health (aerobic) as well as exercise, but the evening was not going to eat later. It also provides nutrients for the rest of the morning and at noon to eat. Less can not be attacked by the body. Exercise is 2 per evening.

Recent international research has shown that the morning exercise. The resistance in the lower body. And evening exercise. The antibodies in the body. In this sense, if the flu outbreak. The evening will be a 3 on a single case of the exercise is benefiting them in the morning with more resistance. Such as allergies, asthma and allergic diseases are allergic to dust or woman moon Morning exercise can reduce immunity. Hence, it allows people to eat less drug resistance.

I came to this conclusion. As you might know it. Exercise in the morning or good evening.

Another has a great aerobic exercise such as walking on the belt before going to bed or riding a bike for 30 minutes - 60 minutes, do not be afraid to sleep. Because aerobic exercise 30 minutes the body will be after the "North End reaction" to the effect similar to morphine injections to patients after surgery. The video will relieve pain, relax the body.Bath and then go to bed. You would not dream of sleep. You want to sleep only five hours sleep is enough to know that the work day is done, the girls do not sleep enough hours in the five new research coming out. found that sleep five hours a clogged coronary artery disease incidence is less than 7-8 hours sleep

It exercises the evening or at bedtime. Good morning exercise.

How do you mean?

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