5 methods to reduce frequent urination from diabetes

"Why a symptom of diabetes is is frequent urination".

When go to see the doctor and have a blood sugar level from 110 to 125 milligrams per deciliter the doctor will tell you that you have diabetes if the blood glucose level exceeded 125 mg or more and may go up to 150 mg. The doctor will need to cure diabetes, your blood sugar levels to drop. That said there is a contraction of the disease which the sugar level in the blood is abnormally high threshold.


"Why a symptom of diabetes is is frequent urination".

When diabetes is the cause of frequent urination symptoms we should cure the cause frequent urination.
Function of the kidney.
1.Drain excess dirt or something that your body needs.
2.Maintain the benefits end there is not a drain on the dirt and keep the benefits and the preservation of the novel by organs according to its function.
So when the blood sugar level higher than normal renal function is associated with the pancreas by the pancreas to produce more insulin to reduce blood sugar levels kidney function and thus drain off excess sugar in the urine.

How thirst associated with diabetes?

The brain has response controls thirst if a body of water from the urine or sweat the body is dry when water taken out of the body the Body parts that serve as a measure of the concentration of salt is warning to CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM that we have a salt concentration than that in the original. This system will alert HYPOTHALAMUS as part of the midbrain and Hypothalamus will alert to the PITUITARY GLAND. These glands secrete hormones ADH (ANTIDIURETIC HORMONE) out and material effect on the kidney as a result of assimilation Reni (RENIN) in the blood into the blood system for making hormone ANGIOTENSIN which can be traced back to the ADH HYPOTHALAMUS accelerate growth. It causes a severe throat, and thirsty when have such symptoms we drink to the thirsty, to reduce the volume when we drink a lot of water in the body that secrete it into the urine. If diabetes is not caused by high blood sugar and blood but the heart, kidneys and brain, so it must be solved simultaneously.

Recommendations in practice to alleviate thirst and frequent urination

1. Don’t drink to quench one but used to sip water little by little to make them drink it.
2.An exercise that can help alleviate the dance club is standing upright, legs slightly spread. Tie rod arms are placed on the back waist. Up to a maximum heel toe down on their heels three times then stood toe to heel by the time the first set was to do at least 30 sets every day can help alleviate symptoms.
3.Vitamins and supplements such as vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin D, and fish oil, Pumpkin seed oil or pumpkin seeds without shell spoon 5 daily Prefecture.
4.Urinate frequently at night. You need to go to the bathroom frequently. Upon returning from the bathroom, you can’t sleep on the bed IMMUNE SYSTEM The very weak solution is for men to urinate into a double cylinder. Women can urinal at the bedside. Urine is clean something to sleep comfortably.

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