Food Ingredient

1. Wip Ping Cream Powder
Featues and Benefits:

1.1 Fit for various kinds of desserts such as ice cream, coffee, decorating cakes and etc.
1.2 Keeps its shape or not decay/dissolve for 30-45 minutes.
1.3  Provides mild sweet, and delicious.


Moisture  Not More Than 5.0%
pH 7.0-8.5
Fat 28% min.

Packing: 1kg/bag.




2.Coconut Milk Powder (Coconut Cream Powder)

Featues and Benefits:
2.1 It is coconut cream spray dried 45-50% fat.
2.2 Help in saving space and energy consumption for long term storage.
2.3 It is highly concentrated.
2.4 It is used in variety of foods such as curries, confectionery, desserts, doughnuts, puddings, yoghurts and beverages.
2.5 It is easy to use; mixing with water to produce liquid coconut cream or coconut milk.

Fat Content 45-50%
Moisture Not more than 5.0%
Bulk Density 454-555g/L
pH 6.5-7.8

Packing :  1kg, 25kg/bag




3.Non Dairy Creamer

Featues and Benefits:
3.1 Non dairy creamer 33%, 35% fat.
3.2  Free flowing power and high bulk density.
3.3 Fast dissolving, and keep the real taste of coffee.
3.4 Suitable for coffee, tea,cookies, bread, cake,doughnut, bakery or mix as milk powder. 


Appearance Free Flow
Bulk Density 450-570 G/L
Colour Light Creamy
Fat 33% min
Moisture 2.5% max
pH 7.0-8.5


Packing :  500g, 25kg/bag




4. Freeze-dried Durian Powder
Featues and Benefits:
4.1 100% freeze-dried durian.
4.2 Well-selected process.
4.3 Natural colour.
4.4 M
ild sweet, and salvory taste
4.5 Fit for desserts and beverage such as mooncake, and coffee.

Appearance Fine Powder
Colour Yellow
Odour Characteristic
Taste Durian Pure Sweet
Moisture Not More Than 10%
pH 6-8
Arsenic Not More Than 2.0 ppm
Lead Not More Than 1.0 ppm

Packing :  1kg/bag




5. Brown Sugar


It’s very fine, and high moisture brown sugar made from natural sugar cane with high-tech manufacturing process. We produce two types of brown sugar; Vacuum Pan (light colour and mild sweet), and Open Pan (dark colour and very sweet). 

Special Features:

No glazing agent added, sweet scent, and good taste better than general brown sugar


It’s used to substitute white sugar for soy sauce production and desserts such as Brownies, cookies, topping on hot & cold drink, syrup.
It’s suitable for people who look for the sweet-scent and natural taste of brown cane sugar.
It’s suitable for bio-organic foods.

Icumsa 5000 min
Polarization 94 min
Moisture 0.7 min

Packing: 50kg/bag