Food Ingredients



We are manufacturing and exporting modified tapioca starch (food grade) with

three different functions as follows:


























Modified Starch 01 for noodles, endure the freeze and melt, constant viscosity food that keep in low temperature.


Modified Starch 02 endures for high temperature and PH. It’s used in sugar, sauce, which perfect to over cooked, and so on.


Modified Starch 03 endures for boiling freeze and thaw. Its mix all ingredients together. It’s made with meat ball or fish ball to firming ball such as meatballs and crisp which Modified 03 protect to water-off in the ball and so on it can be proving.


Coconut Cream Powder












We are manufacturing and exporting instant coconut cream/milk powder.

 It’s dried creamy powder with natural coconut aroma. It can be simply mixed it with warm water to obtain coconut milk, and thickness is based on their mixing.  You'll get rich cream that's ideal for curries, desserts, cocktail, confectionery, doughnuts, puddings and yoghurt.


High fructose syrup 55%


High fructose syrup 55%  made from non-genetically modified organisms tapioca root and tapioca starch as raw materials. It can replace sugar in the beverage, bakery filling and dairy products. This product is a flavor enhances and odor enhance in the food. High fructose syrup can use in the various industries as following:

- Beverage industries
- Canned industries
- Alcohol industries
- Dessert industries
- Milk industries
- etc.

Our products are best-stored in cool and dry places at temperature 25-30°c to prevent crystallization and color formation during extended storage periods.













Brown Sugar

We're Thai Foods Product International Co., Ltd, in Thailand, manufacturing and exporting brown sugar both with open pan and vacuum pan to worldwide countries. It's 100% natural brown sugar, no bleaching and no caramel coated.















Egg Yolk Powder

We are a manufacturer of Egg Yolk Powder with high quality.  

Products : Egg Powder   Variety : Egg Yolk Powder  Origin : Chicken    Past : Yolk  

Certification : GMP,HACCP,HALAL  

Shelf Lift  : 3 years               

Packing : 25 kg

Delivery time : 7-15 Days




















We are a manufactuerer and exporter of Eggg White Powder (Albumen) with high quality/premium grade. 

Products : Egg Powder   Variety : Egg White Powder  Origin : Chicken    Past : Abimin    

Certification : GMP,HACCP,HALAL  

Shelf Lift  : 3 years               

Packing : 25 kg

Delivery time : 7-15 Days