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ฺฺBenefit of Oxygen

Important of Oxygen

Oxygen Therapy

          Oxygen is significant for health and beauty; helping in anti-aging. Nowadays, there are a lot of factors lead to the lack of oxygen in the body such as lacking of exercise, eating junk foods and too many foods, living in bad environment and etc.   Also we cannot survive for 2-3 minutes without air or oxygen. For those reasons, scientist team has developed a treatment tool called Oxy Plus) which helps in energy circulation and increasing oxygen in the body.

        Good health means the body uses oxygen effectively. In the body, red blood cells carry oxygen into cells and tissues in order to growth improvement. Also oxygen helps in metabolism improvement. It can be said that if there is sufficient oxygen in the red blood cells, it would make all organ system working effectively. However, having insufficient oxygen might lead to health problems as follows:

Oxygen plays an important role to the brain cells, lacking of it would lead to cerebral nerves damage. Having sufficient oxygen results in breathing better; on the other hands, lacking of it bring to many diseases.


Oxygen Deficiency

According to several medical institutes, it’s found that many diseases result from getting oxygen insufficiently. The oxygen has been discovered in 1774. At that time people thought there might have something in the air that associated with the respiratory and that’s oxygen.

Oxygen & Life

Many kinds of diseases result from getting low oxygen. A molecular biologist said that when the tissues had insufficient oxygen, it would bring to the change in cells; malignant cells.

A scientist said that the deficiency of oxygen results in many diseases including cancer.

Oxygen plays a vital role in human body. Not only is it important for breathing, but it’s also significant for metabolism. The metabolism would work effectively when the oxygen passes into the body systems until getting enough energy and transport throughout our body. Also it helps in expelling waste in the body.

The Disadvantages of Oxygen Deficiency


Cough, Constricted Esophagus, Thoracic Diseases


Difficult Breathing, Insomnia, Snoring


Asthma, Bronchitis, Influenza

Small Intestine


Cardiovascular System

Arrhythmia, Heart Disease, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Anemia, Blood Toxicity, Constipation, Gastric Ulcer, and Duodenal Ulcer


Tumors, Swelling, and Inflammation

Immune System

Immune System Disorders

Blood Circulatory System

Numbness, Cramp,  Fatigue, Stress, and Nervous


 Oxygen Crisis

The scientist team published “20 Things You Didn’t Know About…Death” and in the article 5 it’s said that the trigger of death is lack of oxygen.

There are lots of diseases caused by lacking of oxygen such as fatigue, blood circulatory problem, poor digestion, muscle pain, headache, stress, amnesia, unreasonable behavior, irritant, gastric acid, pains, germs, viral, and parasite infection, diseases resulting from oxygen deficiency.