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Vegetable diseases.

Many of the vegetables on a regular basis. In addition to the health and growth. Can also block certain types disease.

The key to life is one day in each of the five food groups each year to the value of different foods, the "vegetable" is not only delicious, but eating and stomach only. It also has medicinal value as well hidden.
What vegetables.

Vegetables is a very valuable one. Because the body needs nutrients like vitamins, minerals, a large number. Some material is specific to only vegetables. It's important to find a lot of vegetables, all kinds of "vegetable fiber" (Fiber), which is not digested and provide energy. It has been found in many vegetables, beans, lentils, peas, such as coarse rice, red rice, etc.
Fiber plant is useful.

A. To power.
Two. Reduce the rate of absorption of sugar. Sugar levels after meals reduced.
Three. Help reduce the absorption of fat.
Four. Stimulate the intestines to function better. A gold tie. Prevent hemorrhoids. The colon cancer.
Let's eat.

Many of the vegetables on a regular basis. In addition to the health and growth. Can also block certain types disease. The following example.


The mushrooms are sold in dried mushrooms. Mushrooms, onion, sweet aroma chemicals found in fat, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins. The results showed that mushroom extracts reduce blood cholesterol. If you eat a mushroom digestive tonic. Reduce appetite.


The smell of oil is high in protein, fat carbo Dredd vitamin B 1, B 2, vitamin E and minerals of various kinds. Tonic properties, constipation premature gray hair. Reduce cholesterol in the blood. And strengthen immunity. If you eat on a regular basis. All I had chronic diarrhea. Should not be eaten.


Peas and beans are an important nutrient is protein, fat and minerals of various kinds. The nutritional value intact. The health benefits of diuretic to reduce edema.


Eating leaves. Cassia leaves are vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1 and niacin.
Medicinal properties of the Cassia have a material effect on the nervous sleep. Constipation as well. And health.


The vine and leaves to eat. High-value crops as well as vitamins. Calcium helps maintain bone with high carbo, protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, Dredd is a nourishing food. The gourd also possesses a good loser. By a mask and it bites.


Vegetables such as bitter melon as a quench your thirst with a tropical fever neutralization test my blood sugar is bitter. (A bitter pill to China and peeled off the dried out. To grinding it. Dissolved in hot water once a day at bedtime. To relieve fatigue, appetite, sexual and sensual).


There are three kinds of lettuce, cabbage, green cabbage and lettuce, minerals, vitamins and nutrients are abundant. And there are a lot of fiber. Eating regularly will prevent constipation. Reduction of colon cancer. The lettuce can prevent high blood pressure. Increase the flexibility of blood vessels. And vitamin C in vegetables to enhance immunity.


There are three types of peel eggplant, green, purple and white purple and white shell that is better than green. The eggplant has a lot of B vitamins, which help the brain to reduce the faint memory of the brain. The eggplant has more protein, calcium and vitamin tomatoes. Eating regularly will help keep blood vessels are fragile. Prevention and treatment of high blood pressure Lakpidlakepid.

The spinach.

The dark green vegetables, minerals, fiber, vitamin C amount. It also found that oxalic acid is too much. The acid combines with calcium, if gallstones are causing consumers to blanching vegetables before you cook the spinach, then pour off the water. The vegetables are cooking. This eliminates the oxalic acid. The spinach is eaten regularly. Inhibit the progression of the disease, high blood pressure and diabetes as well.


Intake of red and white flowers. Antipyretic properties. New leaves are eaten as a laxative.

Banana blossom

The flower of the banana trees. The banana blossom iron. It nourishes the blood and the blood sugar in the blood. And the intestinal disease. The banana blossom salad and cooking or eating them raw.

Anecdote to cook vegetables to get the value.

A. The chopped vegetables, then rinse. Vitamin C in vegetables, water will be lost. Vitamin C is easily dissolved in water. The vegetables must be washed and then sliced. The finished cut should be cooked immediately.
Two. After cooking and should be eaten immediately. I do not cook it long after it has lost nutrients.
Three. How to cook vegetables of all kinds is important to the loss of ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is water soluble. Thus, the boiled vegetables. To eat soup with. The water should be boiled in water and used for a short time.
Four. To cook vegetable foods. If you add a little vinegar. It improves the taste of food. Vitamin C and treated with.
Five. Equipments used to fry or boil vegetables. Should be as iron. It will make less vitamin loss than copper.

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